Are You Always a Late Bird? Then You Might Be More Creative Than Your Peers

Are You Always a Late Bird? Then You Might Be More Creative Than Your Peers

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I had always been late to office.

I had been working as a software engineer for a decade now, in other words, I was sitting before a computer, often wondering why I was doing what I was doing. However that’s another topic for another time.

In these ten years, however hard I tried, I was always late. Be it a 9:00 AM login or 12:30 PM login, whether there is a training scheduled or an urgent meeting I had to attend, it was harder for me to be on time. As one of my managers put it, ‘I was regularly late’.

Sounds familiar?

Well, Science has an answer to this chronic habit of getting late. According to Science, habitually late people are more optimistic in life.

A scientific research shows that people who are late tend to be more optimistic, good at multi-tasking and more hopeful.

It makes them bad time estimators, but for the long run, it proves very beneficial for them.

I always come up with quicker and smarter solutions for the problems I was working on. Partly to cover my late logins though.

Another research conducted by San Diego State University professes that lateness is associated with Type B people (people who are laid back, more easy going, not that stubborn and very adaptive to surroundings).

Diana DeLonzor, a Management consultant and the author of the book ‘Never Be Late Again’, states:
Most late people have been late all their life, and they are late for every type of activity — good or bad. Surprisingly little scientific research has been done on tardiness, but some experts subscribe to the theory that certain people are hardwired to be late and that part of the problem may be embedded deep in the lobes of the brain. You being late is nothing but a result of your psychology and personality.
Smiling already?

There is a catch though. Your boss might not recognize your creativity and quick turnaround times. But show him/her this post: Late comers always find quicker and creative solutions. They don’t demand much and they are very flexible people.
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