By The End of This Story of Raju, You Will Be In Tears

By The End of This Story of Raju, You Will Be In Tears

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A heart wrenching story of Raju moved the whole world. His 50 years of slavery and abuse will melt your heart and question your belief in humanity. Raju was captured as a baby elephant 50 years ago in Allahabad. Since then his whole life is spent in shackles. He was tortured and abused. He was forced to beg and live on the scraps offered by tourists. For 24 hours a day he was kept in spiked shackles which are very painful and make it impossible for him to move. This sad story has a happy ending though. Yes there are still good people on this earth.

Raju begging for food

This abuse is a routine for Raju

This is how Raju was held daily

These spiked shackles left painful sores for Raju

His injured foot

All this changed when an organization called Wildlife SOS rescued Raju from his captors one day at mid night. Raju immediately knew that he was being freed from this 50 years of trauma and he cried with tears rolling down his eyes. This completely moved the rescue team as well as the whole world.

Raju being rescued by Wildlife SOS team

Raju cried at the moment of his rescue

Now Raju is a free animal in Elephant Conservation Centre Slowly healing his physical and mental wounds in the company of his new found family

Raju The Elephant
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