Does This Startup Idea Makes Sense or Is It Ingenious?

Does This Startup Idea Makes Sense or Is It Ingenious?

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The current trend in the tech world is ruled by startups. Many startups have changed the we live our lives and do things. In fact the biggies like Google were once startups.

Sometimes the projects undertook by startups look very radical. Here is one startup which combined a hoodie and an inflatable pillow. The result is an inflatable hoodie that is addressing a pressing need, especially frequent travellers.

Just imagine that you are on a long journey and to have a nap all you need to do is inflate you hoodie and it becomes a pillow for you, while still in a hoodie, and you can rest. Look at the below pictures and tell if this project makes any sense or is it ingenious.

These are infatable hoodies   the-hoodies-inflate-to-become-pillows-0

The hood is roomy enough   the-hoodies-inflate-to-become-pillows-1

When it’s deflated, the pillow never feels bulky, and when you inflate, it remains inconspicuous and clean.

Every downtime is a dream time   the-hoodies-inflate-to-become-pillows-2

Under the hoodie   the-hoodies-inflate-to-become-pillows-3

It comes in different colors and sizes   the-hoodies-inflate-to-become-pillows-4

Combinations too   the-hoodies-inflate-to-become-pillows-5

Very easy to inflate   the-hoodies-inflate-to-become-pillows-5

very easy to deflate   the-hoodies-inflate-to-become-pillows-5

What do you think? You can support this project here.
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