First I Thought Its A Palace. But When I Entered Inside…OMG

First I Thought Its A Palace. But When I Entered Inside…OMG

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This is one awesome architectural beauty I had ever seen. First I thought it is an European castle. But when I entered inside, I was spellbound. Welcome to “The Carousel of Light”, a monumental XIX century edifice that was transformed into a wonderful architectural jewel. It is located at the very heart of Bucharest, on a long vibrant street, in an area with coffee shops and pubs. Surrounded by bohemian, traditional and luxury clothing stores, this will surely blend in with its innovative and elegant style.

And this amazing thing is a one in the world bookstore with 6 floors, where you can find over 10,000 books, 5,000 albums and DVDs. There is a bistro on the top floor, a multimedia space in the basement and a gallery dedicated to modern art on the first floor. This space will also host numerous cultural events and concerts.

Have a feast with your eyes…
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