Goodbye Humans – 19 Rare And Adorable Animals Getting Extinct

Goodbye Humans – 19 Rare And Adorable Animals Getting Extinct

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This planet is not owned by humans. This amazing planet belongs to all the critters, animal species, plants and micro-organisms as well. They have an equal right to live here happily.

Ever since man started to take over the resources of planet Earth, the other living beings became marginalized and many gone extinct.

Scientists recognize that species continually disappear at a background extinction rate estimated at about one species per million per year, with new species replacing the lost in a sustainable fashion.

Occasional mass extinctions convulse this orderly norm, followed by excruciatingly slow recoveries as new species emerge from the remaining gene-pool until the world is once again repopulated by a different catalog of flora and fauna.

“When animals and critters disappear, this planet suffers. But when humans disappear, this planet thrives.”

Having a look at the below species and knowing such lovely adorable living things will be extinct in few years of time is heart wrenching. As co-inhabitants and dominant species on this planet, we humans have the responsibility to preserve all living species.

The Florida Panther

Animals getting extinct

This panther is the native of swamps and forests of Southern Florida. Due to poaching and accidents, it’s believed that only 160 are left now. As cubs, their coats are spotted but will fade away as they grow up. Goodbye handsome 🙁

The Slender Loris

Animals getting extinct

They are found in Sri Lanka and they thought to be extinct till 2002 but are spotted now. It is widely believed that they flesh and body parts can cure leprosy and so they were hunted. Bye bye Loris:-(

The bumblebee Bat

Animals getting extinct

They inhabit the limestone caves of Thailand and Southern Burma. Due to human encroachment and industrialization, their numbers are dwindling. They are a mere 1.1 inches tall and weigh 2 grams. It’s sad to see this tiny beauty disappear 🙁

The Proboscis Monkey

Animals getting extinct

These are the natives of the island of Borneo. These strange monkeys with large bellies and noses are the victims of deforestation and their population is reduced by 50% in the last 40 years alone. So sad 🙁

The Snub Nosed Monkey

Animals getting extinct

These cute and adorable creatures are natives of Asia and they live at the heights of about 13000 feet. The developing countries in Asia have been cutting down the forests and these things are direct victims of that. My heart bleeds to see this cutie disappear into history 🙁

The Mexican Salamander

Animals getting extinct

These tiny amphibians are found in the lakes of South America. They have been on the endangered species list since 2010 and a survey in 2013 could not spot any of these creatures which raise the thought of whether they are already extinct.

Hope they are alive in some corner of a lake and we just want to see them thrive. Will God answer our prayers?

The Saiga Antelope

Animals getting extinct
Animals getting extinct

These strange looking animals inhabit the Eurasian Steppe. Due to extreme hunting and loss of habitat, these numbers are dwindling.

The Gharial Crocodile

Animals getting extinct

This crocodile population is less than 235 and they are found only in the Indian sub-continent. Due to over finishing their population is reduced very much. These giants grow 20ft tall and weigh 350 lb.

The Kakapo

Animals getting extinct

This strange and adorable creature is the world’s fattest flightless parrot. These are present in New Zealand. Due to human colonization which introduced predators like cats, their numbers reduced to extinction level.

Around 128 are remaining on predator-free islands. Hope they repopulate soon.


Animals getting extinct

These are one of the few venomous mammals and it’ unchanged for the past 76 million years. However, the arrival in the Caribbean proved to be fatal for them. They are disappearing faster…

The Irrawaddy Dolphin

Animals getting extinct
Animals getting extinct

These are found in coastal seas of Asia. They are peculiar with their bulging head and short beak. These dolphins are facing a threat from overfishing and a recent survey tells their numbers at a meager 77.

The Okapi

Animals getting extinct

Often referred to as the “Zebra Giraffe” the were an intrigue world when they were first discovered. Now they can only be found in the republic of Congo and their numbers are around 20000.

The Markhor Animals getting extinct

Animals getting extinctThis looks straight out of a fictional movie but it actually exists and is national animal of Pakistan. Due to its high status, this had been a target for hunting and now only 2500 remain.

The Olm

Animals getting extinct

This creature inhabits the caves of Central and Southeastern Europe. It’s one of few amphibians that is completely aquatic. They eat, sleep and breed underwater.

It lives in darkness its entire life, so it has never developed eyes, but instead has amazing senses of hearing and smell. Their downfall is a result of extreme water pollution.

The Gooty Spider

Animals getting extinct

This spider is only found in a small Indian forest. Collectors are often after these spiders due to their rarity. They’re sold for over $500 for an adult, which has led to a significant decline in their population.

The Bearded Vulture

Animals getting extinct

You can find these gorgeous birds on Mount Everest, the Himalayas and other mountainous regions of Europe and Asia. It was once feared that these vultures would attack lamb and little children, so they were nearly extinct in the last century. There are only about 10,000 that remain on this earth.

What do you think? What can you do to save these animals who have equal rights to this planet?

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