The Highest Paid IPL Star Is Excluded From World Cup Team Which Is Puzzling 1.2 Billion People

The Highest Paid IPL Star Is Excluded From World Cup Team Which Is Puzzling 1.2 Billion People

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Cricket is Indian’s life breath. Indians eat cricket, drink cricket and breathe cricket. The cricketers in this subcontinent are not just loved but worshiped. This story is about one such rare gems who was the Player of the Tournament in under 19 cricket world cup. Man of the series in 2011 cricket world cup. Recipient of Arjuna award, the highest given to any Indian sports person. Recipient of Padma Shree. He is none other than Yuvaraj Singh; lovingly called as Yuvi.yuvraj-singhIn 2015, Yuvaraj Singh is the highest paid player of IPL ever since it’s inception. A whopping 16 Crore Rupees ($2.5 million+) is paid to get him play for Delhi Daredevils franchise. Such is the popularity and following of Yuvi in India and his part performances show why he is the hero of IPL.B_Id_112102_Yuvraj_Singh For the 1.2 billion people in India, who love cricket, it’s shocking and puzzling why he was excluded from India’s world cup team for 2015. In any player’s career issues of form will come and go. Especially Yuvaraj Singh’s contribution in winning the 2011 world cup for India is immeasurable that the Indian govt. gave him Arjuna award in 2012.pranab-honors-cricketer-yuvraj-singh-with-arjuna-award Yuvi’s sportiness is shown in his personal crisis when he was suffering from lung cancer which he beat with chemotherapy. That itself is a great achievement for a person to comeback from a killing disease and play for the Indian team again with full capacity. Every cricket fan will cherish the memory when he is back on the pitch.9BCAE89ACE7E6CAAAC43D2092B684

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