How To Lose Weight While You Sleep: Backed By Scientific Research

How To Lose Weight While You Sleep: Backed By Scientific Research

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Do you want to shed those extra kilos and burn that fat around your waist? You can do that in your own bedroom! We are not joking and it is backed by scientific research.

Now, if you come out of your wild imagination, we are actually going to tell you about sleeping, nothing else!

Disappointed yet? Come on… get excited now. Isn’t is a good thing that you can lose weight without sweating?

What the secret of this scientific study is an easy-to-practice healthy lifestyle and having a good sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, don’t worry. If you follow these suggestions outlined here, you can actually sleep well. There is also this simple technique you can follow to fall asleep in a couple of minutes.

So here are the 10 steps as prescribed by a scientific study, published in The New York Times’ bestseller Zero Belly Diet to sleep well and lose the extra weight and unwanted fat.

1. Sleep in full darkness   how-to-sleep-and-get-slim-0

Have you heard about melatonin? It’s a harmone that induces sound sleep and calorie burning good fat. But how can you have more of melatonin?

The Journal of Pineal Research suggests people sleep in full darkness. Sleeping in darkness somehow activates the pineal gland that produces melatonin. If there is any light, then this may disrupt the release of melatonin as the eyes are more sensitive to light particles. If your room is exposed to light sources, then consider having blackout curtains or blinds ASAP.

Melatonin has a lot of health benefits and sleeping in full darkness is the best way to have it naturally.

2. Keep away all your gadgets   how-to-sleep-and-get-slim-1

Please keep all your electronic devices away… stay away from them. Manchester University did a research and found that all electronic devices like smartphones and tablets emit a short-wavelength blue light. The crux of the finding is that this emitted blue light interrupts the body’s production of melatonin. Now you get the whole point right?

Your gadgets can actually mess with your metabolism. So throw them away for the night and have a good night’s sleep.

3. Give yourself a reasonable amount of bed time   how-to-sleep-and-get-slim-2

For adults it is important to have 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day. So it is better to tell yourself that “you are staying past your bedtime”, to make yourself go to bed in time. Be a little watchful on your sleeping patterns and don’t overstay at work.

4. Have a sedative tea   how-to-sleep-and-get-slim-3

You know one thing about tea: some teas have sedative properties and have magical weight loss properties. So it is always good to have one of these teas before bedtime. Some of the best teas to have before sleep are chamomile, lavender, and valerian. Beware of Indian masala tea which can keep you alert the whole night if you happen to take it before bed.

5. Eat less quantity of food at night   how-to-sleep-and-get-slim-4

Human body’s metabolism rate will be at its peak in the morning and medium in the afternoon and lesser in the night. So wise men had always had heavy breakfasts, medium lunch, and light dinners. It also true that after a meal one feels sleepy because the blood circulation to the stomach muscles increases and to the brain it decreases.

It had become a custom to have light breakfast because we don’t want to feel sleepy while we are at work. But with practice, you can handle this. So always eat more in the first half of the day and eat less at night.

6. Take mint and put the fragrance on   how-to-sleep-and-get-slim-5

Eating Mint has a lot of health benefits. It reduces the hunger fangs and helps in purifying blood. If you can’t eat mint every day, at least get some minty fragrance and it will also have similar benefits.

7. Lock the food items away in your kitchen   how-to-sleep-and-get-slim-6

If you sleep walk and munch things without your awareness then the best idea is to lock the food away. Just kidding…!

If you lock the food items, it discourages you to have a munch or two even if your hunger pangs kick in. This is just a covert way of handling things, though!

8. Take a hot shower   how-to-sleep-and-get-slim-7

In India, people used to take a bath with hot water after day’s hard work in the fields. Yes, hot showers can do magic. It relieves stress, soothe the sour muscles and put you to sleep immediately. Do you remember how the babies used to sleep while still taking a bath in hot water? That’s the magic!

9. Never exercise late in the night   how-to-sleep-and-get-slim-8

Exercising is good if it’s done early in the morning or evening. But if you do it late in the night it will only keep you awake. Exercising in the night messes up with you body clock. It excites the muscles and you may not be able to sleep again. Just avoid doing it.

10. Don’t eat chacolate at night   how-to-sleep-and-get-slim-9

If you don’t drink coffee before going to bed, then don’t eat chacolate too. Because chacolate contains caffine and you know what it does to you; it keeps you awake. That’s why you drink coffee in the morning right?

The whole point of suggesting these 10 points is to sleep well. And if you don’t sleep well it is an enormous stress on your body. Stress activates many unwanted genes which lead to many diseases like heart diseases, obesity, cancer etc.

So follow these ten tips backed by scientific research and we are sure you will be back in shape very soon.
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