If Your Ship Is Grounded, Pray You Never Drift Near This Indian Island

If Your Ship Is Grounded, Pray You Never Drift Near This Indian Island

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God forbid anybody has to face a shipwreck. Stay safe and stay alive!

Once upon a time, a small boat with two people drifted to an island. The men must be feeling relieved that they reached safety at last. But their joy is short lived. A mob of people who looked like from pre-historic civilization attacked them with spears and arrows and the modern men died.

Another time, On August 2, 1981, the ship Primrose grounded on this island’s reef with it’s crew. When they were about to land on the shore, the captain observed that a large group of primitive men were charging at them with arrows and spears. Fortunately, they remained in the ship until help arrived and the ship was towed back to the main shore.

You might be wondering these accounts to be pure fiction. But you are wrong. Unbeknowst to us there exists a primitive civilization in a remote island called North Sentinel Island near India. This island is surrounded by the sea.

There is an unconfirmed account about this island. Once, few Indian government officials tried to enter the island to study the people and their culture and to provide them with clothes, medicine and food. To their shock, they felt like they want 60000 years in time. These people are hunter gatherers and they didn’t know about agriculture yet.

They has captured an old couple and two young boys to escape the assault. They were able to get them back to the main shore. But when they landed the old couple died due to some inexplicable causes and the young kids fell sick and died in few days. It seems they lack immunity even for common colds and flu.

So the Indian government decided not to touch this civilization and put strict instructions that nobody enters this island (as if one survives if goes near). It would be fatal for this civilization as well to come in touch with modern men. One simple virus or bacteria is enough to wipe out their entire population which is anywhere between 100 to 400.

After the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake, the Indian government sent a chopper to check on these people. To their surprise, the other islands were all submerged but this island is not touched. Though it’s very difficult to observe these people, the photos were taken by the early explorers.

The Sentinelese people reject any outside contact and they jealously protect their island. Since many anthropologists opined that they shouldn’t be touched as they don’t want any help or contact with outside world. Also the contact with the people of Jarawa was a sour experience. The Jarawa suffered population decline due to the diseases for which they have no immunity. Similar fate may await the Sentenelese people if they are contacted. It seems a wise thing to to touch these people and let them live their lives as they want.

Look at a video here shot by BBC (where a Sentinelese shot the director with an arrow and laughed proudly).

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