77 Jobs Which Will Be Taken Over by Robots. Check Yours Here Now!

77 Jobs Which Will Be Taken Over by Robots. Check Yours Here Now!

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Imagine this: you are sitting before your computer doing your work. You receive an email from your boss that says “Joe, your services are no longer needed for the corporation. You are redundant and fired”.

The most fearful thought is that of losing your job. The worst of the nightmares is that you are going to be made redundant by an intelligent robot. Technology is catching up. Wake up.

If you are one of those who thinks that you are irreplaceable to the company, then this is the time you come to the ground reality. According to BBC, many of the complex and difficult jobs which humans used to do are now being done by the new generation of intelligent robots.

According to BBC, around 35% of the jobs in the UK will be lost to computerization soon. Here is an interactive assessment tool by BBC to evaluate how soon your current job will be taken by a robot.

Go, check your job’s fate and prepare for the worst – BBC Robot Job Killers
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