James Cameron Is All Set To Mesmerize The World Again With Avatar Sequel

James Cameron Is All Set To Mesmerize The World Again With Avatar Sequel

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James Cameron is again in news, this time to mesmerize you, yet again, with his Avatar sequel. There is a good reason to believe that an Avatar sequel is around the corner; the social media feeds of Avatar had been relaunched this week, after being idle for 4 years. It seems the social media team of Avatar has very ambitious plans to relaunch it’s social media campaign.

Avatar on Twitter

The official Avatar Twitter feed — @OfficialAvatar — last tweeted on Feb. 3, 2011, celebrating Cameron and The Earth Day Network exceeding their goal of planting one million trees worldwide. Expect the account’s 26,500 followers to grow like phosphorous weeds in the coming weeks.

Avatar on Tumblr

avatar.tumblr2.jpg (988×655) Tumblr will be the place for Pandora’s awe inspiring visuals – colored flora and fauna, along with some key moments from the film, at @Avatar

Avatar on Pinterest

avatar.pinterest.1.png (1200×693) Are you looking for a “visual encyclopedia of Pandora”? Look no further than Avatar’s Pinterest page. With images of creatures, plants and vistas that fans can download for their own use. @UltimateAvatar will also contain images from the Avatar Extended Collector’s Edition, and later let fans pick their favorite shot from the finished film.

Avatar On Instagram

avatar.instagram.2.jpg (640×1136) Avatar on Instagram with all the Na’vi selfies and pictures of the juicy, delicious fruits of Pandora. Also, Avatar will use Instagram for flashcards that facilitate Na’vi language learning.

Avatar on Facebook

avatar.facebook.png (999×563) With nearly 54 million fans, the Avatar Facebook page has remained active in the years since the first film’s release, posting photos and news along the way. It’s going to be a hub where content from all the aforementioned Avatar social channels can be found, with standalone posts and announcements. James Cameron had always exceeded expectations, whether it’s The Titanic or Avatar or Terminator series.  We are eager to see these sequels sooner than later. All the best James.  
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