Mom Dumps New Born Baby in a Bush and a Dog Does The Most Unthinkable!

Mom Dumps New Born Baby in a Bush and a Dog Does The Most Unthinkable!

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After 3 minutes into this story, you will be shocked forever. Brace yourself.

Now a days we are reading lot of disturbing news from all corners of the world. Thousands of kids struggling in war stricken Midde East has left permanent scars in our psyche. While we have read many horrific incidents of child abuse, this story is of different emotional appeal.

A woman in Thailand had dumped her new born girl child in a bush, left to be dead. How horrible! Pui is a normal dog who wanders the surroundings for food scraps. One day when he was rummaging near the same bush, he found something unusual.

mom-dumps-new-born-1 It’s not food. It’s a plastic bag and a new born baby’s hand was protruding out of it. While you are terrified at what the dog might have done, hold your breath.

Pui, contrary to it’s natural instinct (not that dogs eat babies, but there were some instances where they caused infant deaths), dragged the plastic bag to it’s owner’s house.

Pui started barking frantically at the door until his owner’s daughter came out and saw what he had brought back home. The baby was premature and very weak. The very sight of it will crush your heart.

The man’s 12 year old immediately took the baby to the nearest hospital and the baby was put under incubator. The infant’s life was saved!
Pui is recognized in the small town for his heroic efforts. Red Cross officials awarded him a leather collar and a medal as a token of appreciation for his noble act. A local man also donated a sizable amount of money to cover the costs of food for the pooch that should leave him happy for quite a while.

mom-dumps-new-born-3 Now the baby is getting better. A lot of people came forward to adopt the baby. While the baby’s mother abandoned for whatever reason, a dog had shown compassion. (via Bangkok Post)
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