OMG! Giant Human Structures Are Found in Iceland

OMG! Giant Human Structures Are Found in Iceland

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OK! This is definitely not what you think of. There were no unearthing of prehistoric artefacts from caves or mounds. This is a modern architecture miracle.

Electrical pylons are those ugly structures. Nobody wants them in their vicinity but everybody needs them. Without them, all our modern gadgets will be dead.

Choi and Shine, two architects, want to transform how utility structures are built. Their “Land of Giants™” design, proposed in 2008, sees electrical pylons as human-shaped statues decorating the Icelandic countryside. Architects Jin Choi and Thomas Shine are the minds behind this skunkworks, experimental design studio.

“Like the statues of Easter Island,” write Choi and Shine on their website, “it is envisioned that these one hundred and fifty foot tall, modern caryatids will take on a quiet authority, belonging to their landscape yet serving the people, silently transporting electricity across all terrain, day and night, sunshine or snow.”
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