Russia Created These Strange Trains in 1960s And They Put Bullet Trains to Shame!

Russia Created These Strange Trains in 1960s And They Put Bullet Trains to Shame!

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India is launching bullet trains now and many other countries already have them. These trains reach a top speed of 350 KM/Hour. That’s a hell lot of speed.

Definitely, the modern bullet trains needed the latest technology and engineering. But Russia did it in the 1960s. With the Soviet Union stretching from Europe in the west to Siberia to the east, covering distances was a challenge and since building airports weren’t always possible, they did the next best thing.

In other words, the then Soviet Union mounted two fighter jet engines onto train engines and they were clocking 350KM/Hour speed at that time itself.

So what happened next?

1. No comlicated technology or no half measures. This is what it intended to be   soviet-trains-put-bullet-trains-to-shame-0

2. A test vehicle was created to see if it’s economical   soviet-trains-put-bullet-trains-to-shame-1

Turns out to be that the jet engines needed too much fuel to clock 350KM/hour speed and the train was not economical to run.

3. The prototype now sits rusting at Kalinin rail car factory near Doroshikha.   soviet-trains-put-bullet-trains-to-shame-2

4. What you can’t take away is that it’s a ballsy effort   soviet-trains-put-bullet-trains-to-shame-3

There’s nothing like failing in style.

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