The Alien Artifacts and Unsolved Mystery of Alien Existence

The Alien Artifacts and Unsolved Mystery of Alien Existence

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For many decades, the UFO enthusiasts and alien life explorers have been finding strange artifacts, cave paintings, and other events and argue that alien life exists and we have been visited by them many times. But the mainstream scientists and institutions have been debunking these claims as mere conspiracies.

Recently, in Mexico a lot of artifacts depicting aliens have been found. Humanoid figures with very big eyes and facial features similar to the aliens we have been seeing in movies are found.

Why the ancient Mexicans depict these figures with these strange features

One explanation given by the scientists is that it was common in those times to distort the features of human beings, similar to the caricatures. But this explanation is counter intuitive. Comparing the odd features of a humanoid with caricatures is laughable.

Human imagination is nothing but another form of memory. For the ancient Mexicans to create these artifacts with these features they should have either seen such people, art or sculptures. If one traces the root of these things, it is inevitable that they should have seen such humanoids.

Here is the video of these Mexican artifacts…

Do you believe aliens exist?

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