They Excavated Some Ancient Ruins In Pompeii. What They Found Is Heart Wrenching

They Excavated Some Ancient Ruins In Pompeii. What They Found Is Heart Wrenching

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Pompeii is an ancient Roman city founded in 7th century BC near modern Naples by Oscans. 160 years after it was founded, with a complex water system, gymnasium, amphitheatre and a port, the city of around 11,000 people was struck by a disaster. That buried the city under 6 to 7 meters of ash and lava and was lost to civilization.

Mount Vesuvius was erupted in 79AD and buried the ancient city of Pompeii along with people who were unfortunate to escape the calamity in time. This ancient was rediscovered again in 1748. When they excavated the ruins they found that the ash and pumice had frozen each person in time.

These times Pompeii was one of the most famous tourist destinations in Italy. Recently they made the below heart-wrenching discoveries.

Even more tragically, the boy and his mother were found alongside the remains of his father and sibling. The Pompeii excavations

This child who was sitting on his mother’s lap when tragedy struck. They believe he was about four years old. The Pompeii excavations

This turned out to be a human archaeology The Pompeii excavations

The work of restoring these bodies had the emotional toll on them The Pompeii excavations

These tragic scenes were uncovered during a restoration project of 86 preserved bodies The Pompeii excavations

It could be traumatic when they apply the plaster to these bodies The Pompeii excavations

The final embrace The Pompeii excavations

Though it happened 2000 years before, it is hard not to have pity on these poor souls who lost their lives and they may not even aware of what’s happening.
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