They Were Once Ambitious Gigantic Modern Housing Projects But They Have A Strange Look Now!

They Were Once Ambitious Gigantic Modern Housing Projects But They Have A Strange Look Now!

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The below images of the gigantic housing projects, sprawled over a concrete ocean are built during the period from 1950s through 1980s. They were huge, ambitious and modern then.

But now they are stigmatized by media and public opinion. What you see there contradicts what you expect to see.

In these buildings live an ageing generation. Their living conditions move us. Photographer Laurent Kronental has been documenting the lives of the senior citizens who now live in Paris’ big housing projects.

“Souvenir d’un Futur documents the life of senior citizens living in the ‘Grands Ensembles’ (large housing projects) around Paris,” reads the artist statement. “He felt a need to examine their living conditions and shed light over a sometimes-neglected generation. Exposing these unsung and underestimated suburban areas is a means to reveal the poetry of aging environments slowly vanishing, and with them, the memory of modernist utopia.”

Here are the 17 images of these projects.

1   the-haunting-housing-colonies-of-paris-0

2   the-haunting-housing-colonies-of-paris-1

3   the-haunting-housing-colonies-of-paris-2

4   the-haunting-housing-colonies-of-paris-3

5   the-haunting-housing-colonies-of-paris-4

6   the-haunting-housing-colonies-of-paris-5

7   the-haunting-housing-colonies-of-paris-6

8   the-haunting-housing-colonies-of-paris-7

9   the-haunting-housing-colonies-of-paris-8

10   the-haunting-housing-colonies-of-paris-9

11   the-haunting-housing-colonies-of-paris-10

12   the-haunting-housing-colonies-of-paris-11

13   the-haunting-housing-colonies-of-paris-12

14   the-haunting-housing-colonies-of-paris-13

15   the-haunting-housing-colonies-of-paris-14

16   the-haunting-housing-colonies-of-paris-15

17   the-haunting-housing-colonies-of-paris-16

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