This Island Is No Special But When You Land There You See a #Rabbit #Paradise

This Island Is No Special But When You Land There You See a #Rabbit #Paradise

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There are a lot of zoos and conservation centres across the globe. But a special island for only rabbits is unheard of. It should be so special if it’s true.

We at Dosed found that there exists an exotic island in Japan dedicated only for rabbits and now it’s called a rabbit heaven. There are almost 300 rabbits on the island , Okunoshima in Japan, that freely roam the whole territory.

You’re not allowed to take your own cats and dogs to the island, a rule placed in order to protect the little fluffy locals.

We at Dosed suggest you take a look at these adorable pictures that are definitely gonna make you want to visit this island! The reason why the island came to be overrun by rabbits remains a mystery, but there is a suggestion that back in 1971, a group of pupils went on a school trip there and brought with them several rabbits. Soon enough, a lot of bunnies occupied the whole island.

And there are indeed more rabbits than people.

It’s because, until 1945 in Okunoshima, there was a top-secret military base that produced a poisonous gas. With the end of the war, the plant was destroyed and all the documents concerning any secret information were burned. All the people left the island.

Nowadays, this place is a real home for hundreds of fluffy cuties that are absolutely not afraid to walk around the whole island.

Although the rabbits are wild, they are very friendly and have lost their fear of tourists, whom they like to mob and approach for food. The visitors of Okunoshima are allowed to feed and pet the animals. It’s also okay to take food for the bunnies to the island, especially in winter when there is a lack of natural food.

This place attracts over 100,000 tourists every year. The island now also has a hotel, small camping ground, and even a golf course.

There are almost 300 rabbits on the island   this-island-is-no-special-but-when-you-land-there-you-see-a-rabbit-paradise-0

ou’re not allowed to take your own cats and dogs to the island  this-island-is-no-special-but-when-you-land-there-you-see-a-rabbit-paradise-1

It’s a mystery how this island is overrun by rabbits   this-island-is-no-special-but-when-you-land-there-you-see-a-rabbit-paradise-2

There are indeed more rabbits than people   this-island-is-no-special-but-when-you-land-there-you-see-a-rabbit-paradise-3

There was a top-secret military base that produced a poisonous gas before 1945  this-island-is-no-special-but-when-you-land-there-you-see-a-rabbit-paradise-4

There are hundreds of fluffy friends roaming there   this-island-is-no-special-but-when-you-land-there-you-see-a-rabbit-paradise-5

They are not afraid of people   this-island-is-no-special-but-when-you-land-there-you-see-a-rabbit-paradise-6

In fact they mob people and beg for food   this-island-is-no-special-but-when-you-land-there-you-see-a-rabbit-paradise-7

Visitors are allowed to feed and pet the rabbits   this-island-is-no-special-but-when-you-land-there-you-see-a-rabbit-paradise-8

You can bring your own food for the bunnies   this-island-is-no-special-but-when-you-land-there-you-see-a-rabbit-paradise-9

In winter the natural food for the bunnies is scarce   this-island-is-no-special-but-when-you-land-there-you-see-a-rabbit-paradise-10

Even if one cat or dog comes into the island it would be disastrous to the bunnies   this-island-is-no-special-but-when-you-land-there-you-see-a-rabbit-paradise-11

It is probably the only place in the world dedicated for bunnies   this-island-is-no-special-but-when-you-land-there-you-see-a-rabbit-paradise-12

Don’t be shocked if they ride on you for food   this-island-is-no-special-but-when-you-land-there-you-see-a-rabbit-paradise-13

The fact they are fearless of people is a wonder   this-island-is-no-special-but-when-you-land-there-you-see-a-rabbit-paradise-14

They think some students brought these rabbits and left them there   this-island-is-no-special-but-when-you-land-there-you-see-a-rabbit-paradise-15

Over the years they became dominant in the island   this-island-is-no-special-but-when-you-land-there-you-see-a-rabbit-paradise-16

Every year over 100,000 people visit this island   this-island-is-no-special-but-when-you-land-there-you-see-a-rabbit-paradise-17

Are you planning to visit this place already?

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