Wally: The Most Famous Bunny On Internet Poses For Photos

Wally: The Most Famous Bunny On Internet Poses For Photos

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Wally the angora bunny was born on July-2014, USA. His speciality is that his ears look like the wings of an angel; big and wide. Angora rabbits were bred in Turkey for their softer and longer wool. They are the oldest domestic rabbits. Wally had become very famous on the Internet with his silly haircuts and cute photos. Below are some of those funny bunny pictures for you.

Hey! Good Morning Dude… wally-an-awesome-bunny-0


It’s Bunny Play Time wally-an-awesome-bunny-1


I am an Athletic Bunny wally-an-awesome-bunny-2


This Butterfly Is My Muse wally-an-awesome-bunny-3


Sleeping On Bed Is My Beauty Secret wally-an-awesome-bunny-4


It’s Grassy… I Love It wally-an-awesome-bunny-5


He..He..He.. Clean up wally-an-awesome-bunny-6


I Don’t Understand Why People Say I Have Big Ears wally-an-awesome-bunny-7


You Known I am Vegan Too wally-an-awesome-bunny-8


I am a Fashionista… wally-an-awesome-bunny-9

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