Were The Fears of 20th Century Men on Women's Rights Rational?

Were The Fears of 20th Century Men on Women’s Rights Rational?

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History is full of strange facts. A woman leading a corporation or running a country is not at all strange now. But back in the 20th-century men were too afraid to give a woman any freedom other than household jobs.

The following are vintage postcards used by men in 20th-century, part of a propaganda against women’s rights. Many of them portray the changes that would bring in the family life. They considered women’s rights not just disagreeable but outright dangerous.

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17   were-these-20th-century-artists-right-about-women?-16

18   were-these-20th-century-artists-right-about-women?-17

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It is very delightful to see many women excel in areas, competing with men. It’s really amazing to see how far we travelled as a society; from one that feared change to the one that accepts a woman in leading positions. Share your thoughts!

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