Why America's Most Beautiful National Park May Also Be Its Most Dangerous

Why America’s Most Beautiful National Park May Also Be Its Most Dangerous

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Let’s go to the world’s first national park – Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone national park was established in 1872 and still it is the most beautiful among all American national parks.
Yellowstone is around 2,219,791-acres. From the Old Faithful Geiser to the serene mountains and rare wildlife that populate its forests, this plot of land is one of America’s most stunning jewels.
Let’s be aware. The park officials would like you to keep in mind that, even though it’s technically a park, this is untamed land and it can be very dangerous. Although deaths are fairly rare on-site, the variety of ways someone could meet their doom at Yellowstone is pretty shocking when you think about it.
There are 5 ways one can meet one’s doom in this national park.

The buffalos bash   why-yellow-stone-is-dangerous-0

First of all, the buffalo is an awesome creature, but considering the fact that humans nearly wiped them off the face of the Earth at one point, they have no qualms about using their beefy heads to bash you.
6 months back, a Taiwanese girl got too close to a buffalo for a photo op and ended up being gored. Park officials say you should stay 25 yards away from buffalo and she was only three feet away from this angry brute.

The bear death   why-yellow-stone-is-dangerous-1

Other dangerous animals include wolves, mountain lions, and bears. Bear attacks are infrequent, but they do happen. Two bear-related deaths occurred in 2011 just months apart.

Getting cooked in a geyser   why-yellow-stone-is-dangerous-2

Yellowstone’s geological features can also cause some serious damage. There are many hot springs and geysers, some of which can reach up to 250 degrees. Sometimes these pools aren’t visible until hikers are already boiling in them.

Barbequed in a forest fire   why-yellow-stone-is-dangerous-3

Then there are forest fires, avalanches, and lightning strikes. People have also been known to go missing in the park. A few have even been murdered while hiking Yellowstone’s trails.

The super bomb could explode anytime.   why-yellow-stone-is-dangerous-4

Though this is technically far away to happen in our life times, it’s good to be informed. Did we mention that Yellowstone is sitting on an active supervolcano? If the Yellowstone Caldera were to explode, it would not only kill basically everyone in Wyoming, but the ash would block out the sun, devastating agriculture nationwide and causing a massive food shortage.

By all these we are not telling you to stop going to Yellostone. It’s a beautiful forest haven and a wonderful vacation spot. Just be mindful and cautious!
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