8 Things Every Techie Who Wants To Live Past 50 Years Must Do

8 Things Every Techie Who Wants To Live Past 50 Years Must Do

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We have a generation of youngsters that is so success-obsessed, there’s nothing they wouldn’t do to make a mark. That is inspiring, isn’t it?. But it has produced an army of youngsters who spend most of their lives sitting caged up inside their offices. Before you, one of those aspiring youngsters know what you have been missing in life, it would be late.

The one big mistake that you might be doing on a consistent basis is overstaying in your damn cubicle. Here’s why you should make it a habit of coming to work on time and more importantly, leave on time.

1. The More You Work, The More Is Expected of YOU!

Why You Should Always Leave Work On Time Be mindful! You are not the saviour of your company. You have a clear contract to work an exact number of hours for the company and the company pays you for that. Most of the companies never pay you an extra penny for the over time you are doing.

Before you realize you set a belief that you always deliver more than expected of you. Do you think it’s good? In no time, you regret it. And it’s no surprise that, that single day when you leave earlier than your time, it becomes a hell of an issue.

2. Quality of Work Is Inversely Proportional to Quantity Of Time

Why You Should Always Leave Work On Time Henry Ford was not a fool to reduce the no.of work days in a week from 6 to 4. He found that the more people are working, the more productivity was plunging. He needed the quality time from his employees and he found that if a person works more than 45 hours a week, his productivity goes down.

Deciding to leave right on time will not only make you more disciplined at work, it will give you a personal deadline and motivate you to be more productive throughout the day.

3. Neither The Company Depends on You, Nor You Depend on The Company

Why You Should Always Leave Work On Time Sure, there is a temporary need for both the parties. But never fall for that false state of mind that everything depends on you and without you the company will be in trouble. It’s utterly foolish to think so. At the same time, you are also not completely dependent on the company for your livelihood. Do you know how many other companies are out there?

If you are really good at something, never do it for free.

4. Never Give Your Boss More Leverage to Expect Miracles from You

Why You Should Always Leave Work On Time A lot of times, the buggers sitting on top of your head would set impossible goals for you to achieve, assuming you will figure out a way. If you stretch and stretch and stretch to meet those dumb things, you will be leveraged more. Believe me, it’s going to be uglier. Your boss should know whats possible and whats not possible.

5. Know Who Stands By Your Side and Prioritize

Why You Should Always Leave Work On Time Believe me on this, it’s never worth neglecting your family, loved ones and those who stand beside you in tough times. I don’t think your HR manager or your boss will be there to look after your family (if you have one such boss, you are damn lucky).

If you are always occupied with work and not able to attend the important occasions in life with friends and family then you are in a wrong way.

6. Find Time For Yourself

Why You Should Always Leave Work On Time Stop burdening yourself with office work and invest your time in finding out your calling in life. You spend most of your twenties in trying to fit into these jobs you don’t like. You miss out on discovering the passions of life. There is no worse thing in the world than being the most unsatisfied person in the grave. It may haunt your after-life too!

7. Succumbing to Work Pressure is Never the Solution

Why You Should Always Leave Work On Time Never allow yourself to be exploited. The more you give in, the more you will be exploited. You gotta fight for yourself. If you don’t put your foot down right now, you will always be exploited at work.

8. Health is Not a Software Program to Fix When Damaged

Why You Should Always Leave Work On Time Have you heard of people dropping dead in offices? Work pressure is real and it’s badly affecting all people. No success is worth sacrificing your health. Remember one thing: your health is not like a software that can be fixed in no time. Once you lose it, it takes all your life savings and probably your life too.

Jobs are not the ultimate goal of your life. It’s only a way for providing you. Never allow it to hijack your life!
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