15 Stunning Images of Tallinn Take You Back To Medieval Times

15 Stunning Images of Tallinn Take You Back To Medieval Times

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Is medieval look reserved for movies alone? Can’t we see such real locales in our times? In a minute, a drone photographer takes you for a walk in medieval Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

These fabulous pictures provide secret views of one of the best preserved medieval old towns in Europe, Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Tallinn was first mentioned in 1154 by the name Qlwn. Nowadays it is one of the Europe’s best kept secrets. You are more than welcome to take a look and capture this unique city.

Photographer Kaupo Kalda is better known for his drone photography, but he captured the unique feel of Tallinn during casual walks around his home town. Have a look.

1   15-stunning-images-of-tallinn-takes-you-back-in-time-to-medieval-times-0

2   15-stunning-images-of-tallinn-takes-you-back-in-time-to-medieval-times-1

3   15-stunning-images-of-tallinn-takes-you-back-in-time-to-medieval-times-2

4   15-stunning-images-of-tallinn-takes-you-back-in-time-to-medieval-times-3

5   15-stunning-images-of-tallinn-takes-you-back-in-time-to-medieval-times-4

6   15-stunning-images-of-tallinn-takes-you-back-in-time-to-medieval-times-5

7   15-stunning-images-of-tallinn-takes-you-back-in-time-to-medieval-times-6

8   15-stunning-images-of-tallinn-takes-you-back-in-time-to-medieval-times-7

9   15-stunning-images-of-tallinn-takes-you-back-in-time-to-medieval-times-8

10   15-stunning-images-of-tallinn-takes-you-back-in-time-to-medieval-times-9

11   15-stunning-images-of-tallinn-takes-you-back-in-time-to-medieval-times-10

12   15-stunning-images-of-tallinn-takes-you-back-in-time-to-medieval-times-11

13   15-stunning-images-of-tallinn-takes-you-back-in-time-to-medieval-times-12

14   15-stunning-images-of-tallinn-takes-you-back-in-time-to-medieval-times-13

15   15-stunning-images-of-tallinn-takes-you-back-in-time-to-medieval-times-14

Amazing, isn’t it?

Image Credits: Kaupo Kalda
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