How Not To Pose For Photos At Pisa Tower. Funniest Photos You Will Ever See

How Not To Pose For Photos At Pisa Tower. Funniest Photos You Will Ever See

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The leaning tower of Pisa in Italy is one of the most famous tourist destinations. It is also very famous for photos depicting people supporting the leaning monument. Awesome right?

The very typical “I am holding Pisa tower” is also the cause of the funniest photos you will ever see. These people posing for the photos think they are being so clever and original. Obviously they are not.

What they forgot is the same pose if shot from a slightly different angle will make one look so stupid and funny. Here is a hilarious collage of various tourists thinking they nail the most clever pose of all time in front of the tower.

1   how-not-to-pose-for-pisa-tower-0

2   how-not-to-pose-for-pisa-tower-1

3   how-not-to-pose-for-pisa-tower-2

4   how-not-to-pose-for-pisa-tower-3

5   how-not-to-pose-for-pisa-tower-4

6   how-not-to-pose-for-pisa-tower-5

7   how-not-to-pose-for-pisa-tower-6

8   how-not-to-pose-for-pisa-tower-7

9   how-not-to-pose-for-pisa-tower-8

10   how-not-to-pose-for-pisa-tower-9

11   how-not-to-pose-for-pisa-tower-10

12   how-not-to-pose-for-pisa-tower-11

13   how-not-to-pose-for-pisa-tower-12

14   how-not-to-pose-for-pisa-tower-13

Are you going to Pisa tower? Make sure none shoots you from a different angle when you are trying to hold Pisa tower. LoL!

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