The Ancient Mystery Rock That Has Never Rolled Downhill Will Thrill You!

The Ancient Mystery Rock That Has Never Rolled Downhill Will Thrill You!

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In a moment, you will be thrilled by this ancient mystery.

At Mahabalipuram, a monstrous 20-feet-high-5 broad rock stands unequal on a dangerous slant of a slope. Famous as ‘Krishna’s Butter Ball’, the stone is said to be Lord Krishna’s most loved sustenance, tumbled from above. In Tamil, it’s called ‘Vaanirai Kal’, which implies the ‘Stone of the Sky God’.

This is called Lord Krishna’s Butter Ball   the-ancient-mystery-rock-that-never-rolled-downhill-0

The stone’s position is entirely amazing as it would seem that it’s going to move down the incline. Be that as it may, it stands firm and travelers can even take shade under it. It is assessed to weigh more than 250 tons! A part of the stone is sheared off, making it resemble a half circle. The explanation behind the disintegration is still obscure. Krishna’s Butter Ball challenges present day innovation today, as it neglects to answer a critical inquiry – how does a 250-ton rock stand on an under 4-feet base?

A 250 tonne mammoth of a stone stands on a base of just 4 feet   the-ancient-mystery-rock-that-never-rolled-downhill-2

This stone is additionally a motivation behind the well-known mud dolls called Tanjavur Bommai. The King Raja Chola (1000 C.E) was awed by the stone and thought about how it didn’t move down the incline. Along these lines, it prompted a convention of making dolls that never tumbled down! They are made with a half-spherical base, which just lets them tilt, yet never tumble down.

The Tanjavur dolls are inspired by this rock, they never fall down but only tilt   the-ancient-mystery-rock-that-never-rolled-downhill-1

It is said that in 1908, the then Governor of Madras, Arthur Lawley chose to expel the rock from its position. Seven elephants were conveyed to uproot it, however, that did not move the stone by even an inch! A myth additionally proposes that the Pallava King Narasimhavarman attempted to evacuate this stone since he gave orders that no sculptor should touch it.

7 Elephants were commissioned to move this divine rock, but it didn’t move an inch.   the-ancient-mystery-rock-that-never-rolled-downhill-3

The stone is believed to have been here throughout the previous 1200 years! Truth be told, the stone is heavier than the solid stones of Ollantaytambo, Peru or Machu Picchu!

I bet you’re captivated at this point and wish to see it. The best time to visit is in the middle of November and February, as winter makes the climate lovely.

Image credits: youtube, procsilas, thehindu, pinterest
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