Stormed With 3 Million Signatures To Declare 22nd July A National Holiday To Watch #Kabali Stormed With 3 Million Signatures To Declare 22nd July A National Holiday To Watch #Kabali

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Chennai: It is reported that had allegedly received over 3 million signatures to declare the release day of Rajnikanth’s movie Kabali on 22nd July 2016 as a national holiday. And the fans have a good justification with data.

Fans of superstar Rajnikanth, all over the world, just can’t wait for the release of his upcoming film Kabali and have already started queuing up outside cinema halls. The advance booking for the film is yet to start but that hasn’t stopped these fans from camping outside cinema halls.

Pointing to the temporary tents outside the cinema theatres, Mr. Pillai, a die-hard fan told, “with a billion fans waiting to catch the film first day, first show, it will be very difficult to get a ticket. So advance measures need to be taken. I had told my manager that if he doesn’t give me 10 days leave from today, I will quit the job”

The film has been used for social development as well with people constructing toilets in Sellipet panchayat in Puducherry getting rewarded with tickets to the first show.

“It’s not just about the 3 hours entertainment. Thalaiva’s films create the whole atmosphere of frenzy and festival mood which we don’t want to miss,”


“His films are like the World Cup of films and all the fans are here to celebrate this carnival”, said Mr. Pillai

Shankaran, another Project manager with an MNC who was also waiting outside a multiplex said, “All my team members declared leave and never bothered to ask my approval. Even with these guys in the office, I won’t have any work. What would I do in the empty office? So I told our onsite manager that we will be off for 10 days and joined them here, at least we can get some meetings done while we wait for the release.”

With all this frenzy and competition, fans of Thalaiva decided that having 22nd July as a one-time national holiday helps them immerse in the movie experience and remember the day throughout history. So they initiated a petition on and to their surprise it received one million signatures in 1 hour frying the servers of

Once the signatures reach 1 billion, it will be forwarded to Narendra Modi for an emergency ordinance in Parliament to declare 22nd Jul 2016 as a national holiday.

On the other hand, a techie working for mentioned that they were shocked with the unexpected traffic to their website which had brought down a lot of their servers. It is reported that is planning to send a petition to none other than Thalaiva itself to stop his fans from opening any more petitions on their website.

As you expected, they are going to send the petition through again!

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