Woman Who Doesn't Use #Facebook Accused By Friends As Anti-Social

Woman Who Doesn’t Use #Facebook Accused By Friends As Anti-Social

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San Diego, CA: Sarah, a woman living in San Diego was shocked to find that her friends have accused her of being anti-social. Admitting that her lack of a Facebook account often leaves her feeling alive and sober, she confirmed Tuesday that her friends are entirely out of touch with her.

“I have never got the idea of connecting with people over Facebook. Somehow it feels artificial and I never got around to joining the social network”, said Sarah, who added that, because she never logs into the popular social media site, it has grown increasingly difficult in recent years to keep in touch with their prejudice-burdened friends who likes the no.of likes they get on Facebook rather than a visit from a friend.

“I tried to call my friends but they never pick my calls. Once I sent an SMS to one of my close friends and she replied ‘Who the f*** are you?’. I got so upset and at that moment I knew I was totally alienated”, she quipped.

But the shocker is when she heard rumors about her being anti-social. “That was the day I felt better for a moment as my estranged friends remembered me”, she said.

When Dosed caught one of her friends, Rosy, on Facebook and asked why they think her friend is anti-social, we are in for a surprise. “Facebook has more than 1 billion users and that itself is like a country as big as India. Not having an account on Facebook is not just a crime it’s a mental condition that needs to be treated”, she blasted!

“I send birthday wishes to my father who lives upstairs in my home. Its been days since I saw him. The point here is we are always in touch with each other. That’s how a modern human being needs to behave”, she stopped for a while.

“This woman, I am ashamed to admit that we played together in school, had never cared for us, she never gives a like on our photos, she never comments on our knee-jerk responses to events in the world that reveal our intolerant viewpoints and irrational biases. She even doesn’t know how hard it is to come up with an innovative Facebook status post. Forget, she never cares and she is hopeless”, Rosy was cribbing.

“I couldn’t believe she turns out to be so anti-social. I hope she gets treated soon!”, Rosy concluded her unbiased opinion on her childhood friend!

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