13 Ickiest Creatures That Make You Want To Stay Inside Forever

13 Ickiest Creatures That Make You Want To Stay Inside Forever

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We have shown many cute animals on dosed.in till now. But there are also many ugly, frightening and icky critters, crawlers and icky-crawlies, some with too many legs, and some with no legs exist all around you.

Here is the ultimate list of ickiest creatures which will stir your stomach and make you want to stay indoors forever.

1. Fungus larvae that move in one stream; Gross   13-things-make-us-sit-inside-0

2. The ten pound, three foot long coconut crabs   13-things-make-us-sit-inside-1

Beware they can climb trees and who knows they can cut your hand for a snack.

3. The first-ever Black Seadevil angler fish that was caught on film   13-things-make-us-sit-inside-2

This one is devilish and I am not diving deep the ocean any more.

4. The deep sea black swallower fish that eats things ten times its own size   13-things-make-us-sit-inside-3

Sure it’s not so wise for the fish to swallow such big things, but will I be that lucky if it swallows me? I take no chances.

5. 12 Pounds lobster   13-things-make-us-sit-inside-4

A huge lobster that this guy found on an island off the coast of California. Lobsters are normally 3 pounds. But this one was 12 pounds. Are there any bigger lobsters which are looking for a human snack?

6. The centipede that wasbursting out of a snake’s stomach   13-things-make-us-sit-inside-5

This snake is so stupid to swallow this creepy critter and paid the price. I am just thinking the human piercing capabilities of this centipede.

7. This alien-looking tarantula   13-things-make-us-sit-inside-6

This tarantula is shedding it’s exoskeleton. But if it bites you what woula happen? I am just scared.

8. The guinea worm found in this man’s foot   13-things-make-us-sit-inside-7

It is just sending chills down my spine. If this worm was not removed, it would have grown three feet inside this man’s body. This is so disgusting and frightening.

9. A humongous leech that a Scottish backpacker found dangling out of her nose one day   13-things-make-us-sit-inside-8

Dangling from nose? What the hell? Was it planning to go inside that lady’s brain? I am just shivering out of fear.

10. The spider that literally killed and subsequently ate a snake   13-things-make-us-sit-inside-9

This spider is the meanest I had seen. It just killed a snake which came to snack it and ate it. That’s just so much frightening. It’s definitely not that genetically modified spider which gives super powers when it stings you. Stay away. Stay indoors.

11. The tropical spider that was slowly burying into this guy’s flesh   13-things-make-us-sit-inside-10

I am about to throwup after seeing this. That cruel spider wanted to go inside this dude’s body. OMG. Nothing is more spooky than this.

12. 102 snakes in the basement   13-things-make-us-sit-inside-11

Go and check your basement carefully. Some burmese python or a rattlesnake might have made a shelter there and breeding right now. If possible, just stay away. It’s too freaky.

13. This vampire deer   13-things-make-us-sit-inside-12

I was thinking that deers were cute until I saw this. Look at the teeth. Is it not sending chills down your spine. Is it some kind of a witch looking for human blood? I am not sure.

Wishing all these creatures to die would be too extreme. That spider which wants to enter the stomach? No thanks! I will be spending the time indoors, checking the basement for snakes and staying safe. Outdoors looks too dangerous with these ickiest creatures on loose.
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