15 Dogs Who Unconditionally Accept That They Messed Up

15 Dogs Who Unconditionally Accept That They Messed Up

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We all love our furry little friends so much, but when they mess up, they mess up big. Seriously, Whiskers never pukes up a little bit — it’s always a flood of hairballs and other disgustingly mysterious things.Here are 15 pets who know they reallty really messed up.

Can you solve this mystery?   15-dogs-who-accept-they-messedup-0

What did they do to you?   15-dogs-who-accept-they-messedup-1

Forgot you are not a pup anymore?   15-dogs-who-accept-they-messedup-2

You are not even ashamed…   15-dogs-who-accept-they-messedup-3

The most messed up selfie   15-dogs-who-accept-they-messedup-4

You should rest on the couch, not IN it.   15-dogs-who-accept-they-messedup-5

How did you end up there in the first place?   15-dogs-who-accept-they-messedup-6

Is that for Halloween? You failed!   15-dogs-who-accept-they-messedup-7

This outing is a disaster   15-dogs-who-accept-they-messedup-8

No blinds tonight   15-dogs-who-accept-they-messedup-9

Ohh!!! Poor doggy   15-dogs-who-accept-they-messedup-10

Somebody was thirsty   15-dogs-who-accept-they-messedup-11

I am not stuck! This is style   15-dogs-who-accept-they-messedup-12

Yeah! You got style…

Nobody wants to admit that   15-dogs-who-accept-they-messedup-13

He threwup at 4 AM   15-dogs-who-accept-they-messedup-14

And he is not happy about it.

What do you say?
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