16 Awesome Shark Facts That Prove Just How Amazing They Really Are

16 Awesome Shark Facts That Prove Just How Amazing They Really Are

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Ever since Steven Spielberg’s Jaws series of movies released, knowingly or unknowingly, people fear sharks. The general conception is that they are out there to kill and chew humans. There is something terrifying yet tantalizing about sharks.

But the fact is that sharks are not the most deadly animal. At least, the stats show them in a remote place based on no.of casualties. But sharks are the Alphas of the sea, never forget that fact.

Here are a lot of wicked-awesome shark facts that’ll either perpetuate your fear or increase your obsession.

1. Our fear of being killed by a shark is overemphasized.   15-awesome-shark-fact-put-you-in-awe-0

Fear the mosquito, fear the humans and not the shark.

2. Eat, throwup and eat again   15-awesome-shark-fact-put-you-in-awe-8

Humans are not the only species who throw up. Sharks over eat, throw up and then eat again. Wonderful.

3. The fastest shark reaches 20 miles an hour   15-awesome-shark-fact-put-you-in-awe-9

Meet the shortfin mako shark, the fastest among the sharks.

4. The gentlest shark   15-awesome-shark-fact-put-you-in-awe-10

The whale shark is the giant among sharks and it lives off of tiny plankton. It grows till 60 feet.

5. Yes, this exists   15-awesome-shark-fact-put-you-in-awe-11

This terrible looking one is called the frilled shark and this is how the early sharks looked like.

6. Just how big is the biggest great white?   15-awesome-shark-fact-put-you-in-awe-12

It’s up for debate, but the biggest great white ever caught is said to be one particular mammoth off the coast of Prince Edward Island, Canada, in the Atlantic Ocean. It measured 20 feet and weighed in near 4,200 pounds.

7. Over 100 million sharks are killed each year   15-awesome-shark-fact-put-you-in-awe-13

The sad, sad realities of over-fishing: Scientists are giving dire warnings about the possibility of many shark species going extinct as nearly 100 million sharks are killed per year.

8. They migrate insane distances   15-awesome-shark-fact-put-you-in-awe-14

4,660 miles is what some tiger sharks migrate each year. Thats a hell lot of a distance for a shark.

9. When a wobbegong shark latches onto its prey, it doesn’t let go   15-awesome-shark-fact-put-you-in-awe-15

The worst thing for you is being that victim.

10. The Greenland shark is poisonous   15-awesome-shark-fact-put-you-in-awe-1

If you want to eat it, it takes 5 months preparation to make it a delicacy

11. The megaladon could eat whales too   15-awesome-shark-fact-put-you-in-awe-2

The world’s biggest shark — 2 million years ago — was the megaladon and it’s thought that this behemoth of a shark could eat whales.

12. Sharks need to keep moving to breathe   15-awesome-shark-fact-put-you-in-awe-3

13. The first shark species appeared on earth over 488 million years ago   15-awesome-shark-fact-put-you-in-awe-4

14. The basking shark’s liver is one quarter its total body weight.   15-awesome-shark-fact-put-you-in-awe-5

That’s the biggest liver on earth. What would you do with it?

15. The dogfish shark is the most populous in the world   15-awesome-shark-fact-put-you-in-awe-6

16. Sharks can dislocate their upper jaw to grab and eat prey   15-awesome-shark-fact-put-you-in-awe-7

It hurts though

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