17 Photos Which Prove #Puppies Are Tougher Than You Think Of!

17 Photos Which Prove #Puppies Are Tougher Than You Think Of!

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Everybody likes puppies! Aren’t you?

Their cute little paws, and curled tails, and those curious noses – just wonderful. But not all of them have easier lives. Next time you’re cuddling one of these adorable furry friends, remember that being a puppy can sometimes be a tough job.

Dosed found that a puppy life is not as free as it seems. The below are some of the scenarios only:

How did I end up here?   17-photos-which-prove-puppies-are-tougher-than-you-think-of-0

One has to be very brave when one is at the vet’s. Also, ouch!   17-photos-which-prove-puppies-are-tougher-than-you-think-of-1

You can just chew on everything you want   17-photos-which-prove-puppies-are-tougher-than-you-think-of-2

Big brothers can cause extra trouble   17-photos-which-prove-puppies-are-tougher-than-you-think-of-3

You have to put up with ridiculous photoshoots   17-photos-which-prove-puppies-are-tougher-than-you-think-of-4

You don’t know what to expect from yourself yet   17-photos-which-prove-puppies-are-tougher-than-you-think-of-5

…or from others   17-photos-which-prove-puppies-are-tougher-than-you-think-of-6

You have to look cute, but bad hair days happen   17-photos-which-prove-puppies-are-tougher-than-you-think-of-7

They won’t let you do anything   17-photos-which-prove-puppies-are-tougher-than-you-think-of-8

Cats are still a mystery  17-photos-which-prove-puppies-are-tougher-than-you-think-of-9

Playing is not a game   17-photos-which-prove-puppies-are-tougher-than-you-think-of-10

But you’re a big independent dog, dammit!   17-photos-which-prove-puppies-are-tougher-than-you-think-of-11

Some toys are way too huge   17-photos-which-prove-puppies-are-tougher-than-you-think-of-12

You’re still grasping the whole concept of mirrors   17-photos-which-prove-puppies-are-tougher-than-you-think-of-13

You’re growing up so fast, you soon don’t fit into your favourite spot   17-photos-which-prove-puppies-are-tougher-than-you-think-of-14

Shopping. Is. Exhausting   17-photos-which-prove-puppies-are-tougher-than-you-think-of-15

Food is exhausting, too. In fact, everything is!   17-photos-which-prove-puppies-are-tougher-than-you-think-of-16

Do you accept it now?

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