20 #Dogs Who Gave-in and Became Defenceless Against #Cats!

20 #Dogs Who Gave-in and Became Defenceless Against #Cats!

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One important secret about cats: they don’t give a damn about the personal space of others!

And they think of everyone else as their loyal servants. Still, we do love these annoying hooligans despite all the scratch and bite marks. In the meantime, the poor dogs have no choice but to give in!

Dosed brings you pictures of dogs that live alongside cats, where the latter show their superiority in every way possible and the poor dogs gave up.

1. You can’t share the soft and cozy feeling here!   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-0

2. Slave… go faster!   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-1

3. When I leap out of here, he will pee on the floor!   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-2

4. Her majesty and her loyal servants   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-3

5. Expert at keeping someone on a leash   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-4

6. Gotcha!   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-5

7. Go and bring something to eat   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-6

8. This cat just might be possessed of evil.   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-7

9. You know who is the boss here!   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-8

10. I am watching you…   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-9

11. No use in arguing, just admit you lost!   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-10

12. Sorry bro, can’t open it for you   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-11

13. Tickle-tickle little puppy   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-12

14. Waiting for the Bogeyman to take this cat!   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-13

15. Oh! No…   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-14

16. One stare is enough   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-15

17. Follow me dog and don’t ask questions   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-16

18. What have I done to deserve this?   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-17

19. Where is my snack Frank? Where is it?   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-18

20. Maintain distance, you dog!   20-dogs-who-gavein-and-became-defenceless-against-cats-19

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