21 Cutest Cats Have A Strategy To Curb Those Frosty Winter Blues

21 Cutest Cats Have A Strategy To Curb Those Frosty Winter Blues

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The winter is officially becoming longer. The weather is getting colder.

What in the world can motivate you to get out of your bed? Hardly anything.

But here are some cutest cats who are not giving a damn to this cold weather. Thier secret? They fluffiest coats. By looking at these adorable animals, you feel warm inside.

Let me make your bed   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-0

She wants to get under the covers with you   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-1

Scratch it   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-2

Is that you?   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-3

What? You don’t have fur?   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-4

Even my ears are super fluffy   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-5

Thats the expression of feeling warm and fluffy   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-6

Did you say we are going to PET store?   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-7

Don’t look, it’s my carpet   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-8

Hold on a second   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-9

It is so so wrong   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-10

We are going to be the majestic maine coons   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-11

I am fiercer and fluffier…   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-12

I am the lazy fluffy   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-13

What is cold? I don’t know what you are talking about   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-14

“Higher, human! I can’t see all my kingdom.”   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-15

Are you even real?!   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-16

He’s the cutest foot warmer that ever existed   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-17

I don’t know where the cat ends and the comforter begins   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-18

“Fine, you can touch it only once.”   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-19

All that fluff can get heavy!   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-20

I just have one thing to say…   22-fluffy-cats-tackle-winter-21

It’s awesome… isn’t it?
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