21 Horse Breeds You Never Knew Existed. One With Dalmatian Spots? OMG!

21 Horse Breeds You Never Knew Existed. One With Dalmatian Spots? OMG!

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Name 3 horse breeds you are familiar with? Or do you know the breed of the most popular horse in your local horse races? Horses alone are such regal and majestic animals. But, these particular breeds of horses are simply put, magical. They look like they are straight out of a dream! Blue horses! Brindle Horses! You name it, they exist. They are not that common, but they are still out there! Check them out!

The Cremello Akhal-Teke   amzing-horse-breeds-0

his Ahkal-Teke horse makes the rounds on the internet, so I thought I’d show you guys some of the other awesome colors horses can come in. This is cremello, a creme color base with blue eyes, but not albino or white. This is a result of the creme dilution gene, which has several variations.

Dappled Grey   amzing-horse-breeds-1

Grey is an unnatural color in horses that is a result of artificially selected breeding. All grey horses will eventually fade to white, including the one pictured here. What differentiates a white-grey from a true white horse is all greys have black skin. A true white horse has pink skin.

Pinto   amzing-horse-breeds-2

Pinto is the combination of white and another solid color. The combinations very greatly. This is a black/white pinto.

Buckskin Pinto   amzing-horse-breeds-3

Dappled Grey Pinto   amzing-horse-breeds-4

Blue Roan   amzing-horse-breeds-5

Red Roan   amzing-horse-breeds-6

Bay Brindle   amzing-horse-breeds-7

Grey Brindle   amzing-horse-breeds-8

Chocolate Flaxen   amzing-horse-breeds-9

Classic Champagne   amzing-horse-breeds-10

Champagne is a dilution gene, similar to creme. Classic champagne is black base diluted by the champagne.

Gold Champagne   amzing-horse-breeds-11

This is a chestnut base diluted by champagne gene.

Perlino   amzing-horse-breeds-12

A creme gene variation. Perlinos have a more reddish color, especially in the mane and tail.

Buckskin   amzing-horse-breeds-13

Grullo   amzing-horse-breeds-14

A buckskin variation.

Leopard Spots   amzing-horse-breeds-15

Commonly associated with Appaloosa horses, there are a couple breeds that are spotted, including the Danish Knabstrupper.

Mosaic   amzing-horse-breeds-16

A combo of two solid base colors, this is very uncommon.

Red Rabaicano   amzing-horse-breeds-17

Sabino   amzing-horse-breeds-18

Silver Buckskin   amzing-horse-breeds-19

Sooty on Chestnut   amzing-horse-breeds-20

Had ever seen these unusual colours in horses? What do you think?

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