23 #Cats Who Show You How to #Catnap Efficiently!

23 #Cats Who Show You How to #Catnap Efficiently!

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Being able to sleep anywhere and anytime, even for a short duration is a gift. It’s called catnap. If you are a cat owner, you might have observed that these furry friends have extraordinary ability to sleep anywhere they want and in any position they want.

We at Dosed collected the following photos to prove that cats really are the ancient masters of sleep and have succeeded in unravelling all its mysteries. Why not practice this art together with your cat next weekend?

1   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-0

2   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-1

3   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-2

4   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-3

5   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-4

6   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-5

7   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-6

8   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-7

9   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-8

10   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-9

11   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-10

12   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-11

13   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-12

14   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-13

15   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-14

16   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-15

17   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-16

18   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-17

19   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-18

20   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-19

21   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-20

22   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-21

23   25-cats-which-show-you-how-to-cat-nap-22

Which position you want to try first?

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