Adventurous Chicken Sails Around the World With His Man!

Adventurous Chicken Sails Around the World With His Man!

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In a rare event, a chicken fulfilled its dream of travelling the world. Yes, it’s unbelievable but true.

Monique is a pet chicken of Guirec Soudée, a 24-year-old Frenchman who has been spending the past two years sailing around the world. So he decided that he needs a companion during his adventures and took his pet.

Apart from giving company to Guirec Soudée, as an added benefit, Monique also provides eggs along the journey. So she is not just a dead weight out there on the water. So impressive isn’t it?

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2   chicken-goes-on-adventurous-world-tour-with-a-guy-1

3   chicken-goes-on-adventurous-world-tour-with-a-guy-2

4   chicken-goes-on-adventurous-world-tour-with-a-guy-3

5   chicken-goes-on-adventurous-world-tour-with-a-guy-4

6   chicken-goes-on-adventurous-world-tour-with-a-guy-5

7   chicken-goes-on-adventurous-world-tour-with-a-guy-6

8   chicken-goes-on-adventurous-world-tour-with-a-guy-7

9   chicken-goes-on-adventurous-world-tour-with-a-guy-8

10   chicken-goes-on-adventurous-world-tour-with-a-guy-9

11   chicken-goes-on-adventurous-world-tour-with-a-guy-10

12   chicken-goes-on-adventurous-world-tour-with-a-guy-11

13   chicken-goes-on-adventurous-world-tour-with-a-guy-12

14   chicken-goes-on-adventurous-world-tour-with-a-guy-13

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