Intimate Portraits of Big Cats Reveal Their Loving Nature

Intimate Portraits of Big Cats Reveal Their Loving Nature

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When you remember tigers and lions and other wild cats you will probably recall them as ruthless hunters in the forest. We don’t really know how their lives will be.

Photographer Goran Anastasovski took photos of these wild beasts for 10 years and he tells that these big cats have everything we crave for – love, bravery, sincerity and loyalty. Below are some of the intimate portraits he had shot and they do reveal the hidden side of these wild animals.

1   intimate-pictures-of-big-cats-0

2   intimate-pictures-of-big-cats-1

3   intimate-pictures-of-big-cats-2

4   intimate-pictures-of-big-cats-3

5   intimate-pictures-of-big-cats-4

6   intimate-pictures-of-big-cats-5

7   intimate-pictures-of-big-cats-6

8   intimate-pictures-of-big-cats-7

9   intimate-pictures-of-big-cats-8

10   intimate-pictures-of-big-cats-9

11   intimate-pictures-of-big-cats-10

12   intimate-pictures-of-big-cats-11

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