Man Saves a Baby Deer and The Baby Deer Refuses To Leave Him Thereafter

Man Saves a Baby Deer and The Baby Deer Refuses To Leave Him Thereafter

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Love transcends any limitations. After reading this story you will be in tears of joy.
A deer gave birth to two babies. One of the babies unfortunately had a leg injured. When the time came to leave the place, the injured baby deer could not keep up. The mother deer never came back again
So many predators around and the deer’s life was in danger. That’s when Lithuanian outdoorsman Darius Sasnauskas took the baby deer home and nursed it.
“I do not support keeping wild animals as pets, but this was [a] special situation,” he writes.
After a lot of hard work, the baby deer was healthy again and it was time to set her free. However, the bond between her and Darius was so strong, that she kept coming back to him.
Nevertheless, one very special evening she finally reunited with her family.

A Deer Gives Birth to 2 Babies


It Could Not Keep Up With The Mother Deer and Left Behind


Lot of Predators were Around


He Was Brought Home and Nursed


Was Fed Every 4 Hours and The Dog Licked It Fondly


Soon He Was Able to Walk on It’s Own


He Was Used to The Man Who Saved Him


The Baby Was Released Into Wild Many Times But He Came Back


Finally He Was Reunited With His Mom. Few Months Later He Was Spotted Enjoying His Life


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