What This Boy Is Doing Is Amazing. But What Happened After His Father Saw Him Is Mind Blowing

What This Boy Is Doing Is Amazing. But What Happened After His Father Saw Him Is Mind Blowing

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A young boy was going out every day with some food. His curious father followed him secretly once and was impressed by what his son was doing. Ken, the little boy was looking after three abandoned sick puppies. Feeding them every day. The little boy’s kind act moved his father. Both of them decided to do something more than feeding these puppies which are in a very sick condition. They took them home, made a makeshift shelter for them in their garage and nursed them. This kind mission took the shape of Happy Animals Club  

This Little Boy Wanted To Start An Animal Sheler   little-boy-does-good-things-0

When He Saw Three Sick Pups, He Became Dedicated To Their Wellbeing   little-boy-does-good-things-1

Soon The News Made It To The World And Aid Came In From Donations   little-boy-does-good-things-2

An Anti-Mange Regimen Involving Shots and Lots of Bathing Was Setup   little-boy-does-good-things-3

Needed But Costly Dog Food Was Imported To Nurse The Dogs   little-boy-does-good-things-4

Soon They Started Putting On Weight, Regrow Fur and Trust Humans   little-boy-does-good-things-5

Once Fearful This Dog Became Very Affectionate   little-boy-does-good-things-6

Look At The Happy Smile   little-boy-does-good-things-7

He Had No Coat Once But Look How Beautiful She Is Now   little-boy-does-good-things-8

Boy, This White One Is A Bundle Of Joy   little-boy-does-good-things-9

She Loves Playing And Running   little-boy-does-good-things-10

They Now Leased A Small Lot To Rescue More Animals   little-boy-does-good-things-11

Though No Non-Profit Stepped In, This Boy’s Mission Continued   little-boy-does-good-things-12

Taking Rabies Shots Before Working   little-boy-does-good-things-13

Power Cuts Is Not a Deterrent   little-boy-does-good-things-14

I hope, Ken, the little Philippine boy touched you with his big heart. Compassion is the key to a better world. Why not start with animals around us?
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