11 Gorgeous Watercolor Paintings That Perfectly Blend Into The Actual Landscapes

11 Gorgeous Watercolor Paintings That Perfectly Blend Into The Actual Landscapes

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There are photographers that transform the landmarks with their tricks. There are artists who use drugs to create different art forms. But this Russian watercolor artist, Elena Efremova, creates extremely realistic landscape paintings that blend so well into their surroundings, it’s hard to tell where the natural beauty ends and the stunning artistic rendition starts.

These paintings so seamlessly flow into the surroundings that it will leave you in awe. Though the viewing angle is important to have the effect, the paintings themselves are so amazing.

Here are 11 of Elena’s paintings that blend into the actual landscaes.

1. Calanques, France   11-amazing-paintings-blend-with-surroundings-0

2. Marseille, France   11-amazing-paintings-blend-with-surroundings-1

3. Moscow, Russia   11-amazing-paintings-blend-with-surroundings-2

4. Paris, France   11-amazing-paintings-blend-with-surroundings-3

5. Aix-en-Provence, France   11-amazing-paintings-blend-with-surroundings-4

6. Calanques, France   11-amazing-paintings-blend-with-surroundings-5

7. Marseille, France   11-amazing-paintings-blend-with-surroundings-6

8. Vinon-sur-Verdon, France   11-amazing-paintings-blend-with-surroundings-7

9. Gréoux-les-Bains, France   11-amazing-paintings-blend-with-surroundings-8

10. Allemagne-De-Provence, France   11-amazing-paintings-blend-with-surroundings-9

11. Venice, Italy   11-amazing-paintings-blend-with-surroundings-10

You can see more of Elena’s work on her instagram feed here.
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