17 Awesome Tattoos That Glow In The Dark Will Leave a Lot to Imagination

17 Awesome Tattoos That Glow In The Dark Will Leave a Lot to Imagination

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The time of boring tattoos has gone. The age if the backlit tattoos had begun.

Are you wishing to get a tattoo but don’t have the courage to do so? Do you want to give a twist to your existing tattoo? Then the backlit tattoos are for you.

These tattoos glow in the black light or UV light after they heal. You can be the coolest dude or chick at the rave parties with these stunning tattoos. Here are 17 awesome models for you. Get your imagination going…

1. The big dipper   17-backlit-photos-are-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-0

2 The Kundalini Chakras   17-backlit-photos-are-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-1

3 The Mountains of Moria   17-backlit-photos-are-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-2

4 Glowing Beauty  17-backlit-photos-are-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-3

5 Ouch! Thats your skeleton   17-backlit-photos-are-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-4

6 The Mandala   17-backlit-photos-are-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-5

7 That’s one glowing jelly fish   17-backlit-photos-are-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-6

8 Simba…   17-backlit-photos-are-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-7

9 Cheshire Cat   17-backlit-photos-are-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-8

10 Fireworks on 4th July?   17-backlit-photos-are-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-9

11 I’m an angel   17-backlit-photos-are-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-10

12 Yoda   17-backlit-photos-are-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-11

13 The Glowing tree of Gondor!   17-backlit-photos-are-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-7

14 The Monarch butterflies   17-backlit-photos-are-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-8

15 Zelda   17-backlit-photos-are-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-9

16 Peonies   17-backlit-photos-are-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-10

17 Dreamcatcher?   17-backlit-photos-are-nothing-like-you-had-ever-seen-11

H/T. What do you think? Which of these tattoos you would love to have?
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