9 Ideas To Turn Old Stumps Into Something So Unbelievably Gorgeous

9 Ideas To Turn Old Stumps Into Something So Unbelievably Gorgeous

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When most people see a tree stump, they don’t think of it as something beautiful. But there are some creative designers who see a lot of creative uses for these seemingly useless pieces of wood.
Meet the legally blind artist, Duncan Meerding, a furniture and lighting designer. He was fascinated by the disbursement of light and he put these tree stumps to use to create the coolest lamps you’ll ever see using just LED lights.
His goal is to create tactile work that exemplifies the “alternative sensory world” he lives in. Meerding uses new technology along with traditional woodworking methods to build his pieces, only crafting with sustainable wood, so as to not destroy the environment he attempts to emulate.
Check out his amazing work below and you’ve never seen a tree stump quite as beautiful as this.

The warm, golden light represents the fire   stumps-convrted-to-art-0

The logs Meerding uses for his lamps would have otherwise been burnt. He says the warm, golden light represents the future this wood would have had, had he not created something with it.

Embrce the cracks in the wood   stumps-convrted-to-art-1

Meerding notes that many timber-based works try to avoid the cracks his pieces embrace.

Push the light through the things often associated with darkness   stumps-convrted-to-art-2

The lamps remind us our intrinsic connection with nature   stumps-convrted-to-art-3

The sustainable designs are honored   stumps-convrted-to-art-4

He also makes wall sconces out of reclaimed timber   stumps-convrted-to-art-5

This stunning stump knife block would look good in anyone’s home   stumps-convrted-to-art-6

This bird’s nest entry piece is an amazing idea too  stumps-convrted-to-art-7

How about this this lily lamp?   stumps-convrted-to-art-8

Isn’t it wonderful how a simple tree stump is converted into truly original art pieces? You can buy these here.
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