The Animal Shapes Created Out Of Scrap Metal is Nothing Short Of Art

The Animal Shapes Created Out Of Scrap Metal is Nothing Short Of Art

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Art could be created out of anything and scrap metal is no exception. I know you started thinking whether it’s really possible to created something that could be considered as art out of scrap metal.

Meet JK Brown, a native of rural West Wales. “This peaceful part of the country is known for being a precious habitat for its native wildlife, which is of constant inspiration to me,” he said.

“For as long as I can remember I have loved to watch animals (especially in the wild) and for as long as I can remember I have been drawing, making and creating as a way of celebrating the beauty of nature. Often when I’m out walking I pick up fragments of metal that have been thrown away”.

“Sometimes fly-tipped or washed up on beaches, I patiently reassemble these pieces into monuments to the natural world around me: a habitat that is becoming increasingly fragmented. I find that my own process of reversing this fragmentation is, for me, a calming antidote to the madness of endless consumption.”

Kingfisher   the-animal-toys-created-out-of-scrap-metal-is-nothing-short-of-art-0

Blue butterflies   the-animal-toys-created-out-of-scrap-metal-is-nothing-short-of-art-1

Magpie   the-animal-toys-created-out-of-scrap-metal-is-nothing-short-of-art-2

Grazing horse   the-animal-toys-created-out-of-scrap-metal-is-nothing-short-of-art-3

Grasshoppers   the-animal-toys-created-out-of-scrap-metal-is-nothing-short-of-art-4

Pheasant   the-animal-toys-created-out-of-scrap-metal-is-nothing-short-of-art-5

Praying mantis   the-animal-toys-created-out-of-scrap-metal-is-nothing-short-of-art-6

Adder   the-animal-toys-created-out-of-scrap-metal-is-nothing-short-of-art-7

Hornet   the-animal-toys-created-out-of-scrap-metal-is-nothing-short-of-art-8

Frogs   the-animal-toys-created-out-of-scrap-metal-is-nothing-short-of-art-9

Native butterflies   the-animal-toys-created-out-of-scrap-metal-is-nothing-short-of-art-10

Crow   the-animal-toys-created-out-of-scrap-metal-is-nothing-short-of-art-11

Praying mantis   the-animal-toys-created-out-of-scrap-metal-is-nothing-short-of-art-12

This is amazing and creative art. You can grab these creative pieces on Etsy.
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