This Unusual Art Will Blow Your Mind For Sure

This Unusual Art Will Blow Your Mind For Sure

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This art seems morbid, but it is definitely out of the box thinking. We’re not sure where one would even come up with this idea. But, artist, Iori Tomita, sure did! He takes corpses of tiny animals and soaks them in some kind of solution.

This makes the animals transparent. All you are left seeing is their tiny bones and cartilage. The artist then injects them with colored dyes. Hence the end product you see below.

While they look mystical, and pretty…we’re not sure about this one. Experimenting with dead animal corpses is a bit dark for our taste. But they do look beautiful!

Turtle   how-to-blow-your-mind-0

Fish   how-to-blow-your-mind-1


Sea Horse   how-to-blow-your-mind-3

The Collection   how-to-blow-your-mind-4

Frog   how-to-blow-your-mind-5

Baby Animals   how-to-blow-your-mind-6


Chameleon   how-to-blow-your-mind-8

Squid   how-to-blow-your-mind-9

Some Mor…   how-to-blow-your-mind-10

What do you say about this new art form?
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