This Wonderful Artist Didn't Let The Fact That She Has No Arms Stop Her

This Wonderful Artist Didn’t Let The Fact That She Has No Arms Stop Her

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Have you ever imagined how hard life would be if you didn’t have arms? How would you bathe yourself, write a check, brush your teeth? — normal things! It’s mind-blowing how reliant we are on our limbs. It’s hard to think about living day-to-day without them.

For Swapna Augustine, that dark vision is a reality. She was born without arms, so she’s never known a life with them. Because of that, she has become extremely adept at using her feet for everyday chores and routines.

What is most impressive, though, is that Augustine is an accomplished and impressive artist. She uses her feet to paint beautiful pictures that have stunned people around the world. Watch how she does it.
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