10 Celebs Who Are Wonderful Dads For Their Kids

10 Celebs Who Are Wonderful Dads For Their Kids

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Can you be not touched when you see men proudly holding their kids? I bet you will be.

If it’s the famous dads then it’ even more irresistible. These guys look great whether they’re on the screen or on the stage, but they look at their most natural when we seem them performing their duties as authentic loving fathers.

Here’s our list of the ten most caring celebrity dads, guaranteed to melt even the coldest heart.

Justin Timberlake and his son Silas   10-celebs-who-are-wonderful-dads-0

Cam Gigandet and his daughter Everleigh Ray   10-celebs-who-are-wonderful-dads-1

David Beckham and his daughter Harper   10-celebs-who-are-wonderful-dads-2

Orlando Bloom and his son Flynn   10-celebs-who-are-wonderful-dads-3

Gerard Piqué and his sons Milan and Sasha   10-celebs-who-are-wonderful-dads-4

Brad Pitt and his daughter Shiloh   10-celebs-who-are-wonderful-dads-5

Matthew McConaughey and his son Levi   10-celebs-who-are-wonderful-dads-6

Jim Carrey and his daughter Jane   10-celebs-who-are-wonderful-dads-7

Bruce Willis and his daughter Mabel Ra   10-celebs-who-are-wonderful-dads-8

Chris Hemsworth and his daughter India Rose   10-celebs-who-are-wonderful-dads-9

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