The Easiest Way To Make a Spare Emergency Key: In Just 4 Steps!

The Easiest Way To Make a Spare Emergency Key: In Just 4 Steps!

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Do you have a spare emergency key? Do you need one but are too lazy to reach out to your local smith? No problem, you can now make one yourself at your home!

All you need is your original key, a lighter, sticking tape, tin can and a pair of sharp scissors.

Warning: Be mindful and use pliers and safety gloves to avoid cutting or burning yourself.

#1. Hold the key you want to copy over a flame until it turns black. Set it aside and let it cool.   make-an-emergency-spare-key-in-five-steps-0

#2. Stick tape on the blackened key in order to obtain an impression.   make-an-emergency-spare-key-in-five-steps-1

#3. Stick the tape on a piece of tin from the lid of a can of food   make-an-emergency-spare-key-in-five-steps-2

#4. Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut out the impression. Make sure you are meticulous.   make-an-emergency-spare-key-in-five-steps-3

#5. Use the spare key to see if it fits the grooves of the lock.   make-an-emergency-spare-key-in-five-steps-4

What do you say? Is it doable? Do you wanna try? Let us know the result in the comment section.
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