11 Easy Ways To Find Out If People Are Lying To You

11 Easy Ways To Find Out If People Are Lying To You

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You lie, I lie and we all lie one or the other time. Accept it!

Occasional liars are not good at what they do and you will be able to find that out. But some are pros at it that you fall for their lies, again and again. You start questioning your sanity.

But psychology has tips for you. Here are 11 easy ways to find out if someone is lyings to you.

1. Are they making eye contact with you? If not, they might be lying   11-easy-ways-to-find-out-if-people-are-lying-to-you-0

Liers are not comfortable in making eye contact while they are lying. They either look down or look away.

2. Ask questions   11-foolproof-ways-to-find-out-if-people-are-lying-to-you-1

Casually bombard them with questions on the subject if you suspect they are lying to you. Chances are they might fumble and you can catch them!

3. Are they giving you extra information?   11-foolproof-ways-to-find-out-if-people-are-lying-to-you-2

If they are giving you extra information without you asking then something is fishy. They might be covering up for their lies. Be mindful!

4. Are they getting defensive or offensive?   11-foolproof-ways-to-find-out-if-people-are-lying-to-you-3

It is proven by psychologists that liers will defent their lies till the end. But innocent people will get offensive; they might yell at you or cry for suspecting them!

5. Are they diverting the topic?   11-foolproof-ways-to-find-out-if-people-are-lying-to-you-4

Liers try to divert the topic of discussion and dodge the questions if they suspect they will get caught. Look out for these signals, you might be dealing with a liar.

6. Are they scratching their nose or behind the ears?   11-foolproof-ways-to-find-out-if-people-are-lying-to-you-5

Research tells that liers often scratch their nose or behind the ears while they are lying. Dr Hirsch, of the Smell and Taste Foundation, studied Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. It was observed that when he was questioned about the affair, he became tongue-tied and started touching and scratching his nose. It was then concluded, that this gesture might lead you to identify a liar.

7. Observe their breathing pattern   11-foolproof-ways-to-find-out-if-people-are-lying-to-you-6

Are they breathing heavily or sweating more? Lie-detectors detect lie by concentrating on the heartbeat rates. It has been observed that people sweat more and that their breathing and heartrate increases when they fib about something.

8. Are they having problem in talking?   11-foolproof-ways-to-find-out-if-people-are-lying-to-you-7

Are they finding it difficult to form sentences to talk? Are they often using ‘Hmmm…’ and ‘Errr…’ too often? They are probably lying.

9. Concentrate on their hand movements   11-foolproof-ways-to-find-out-if-people-are-lying-to-you-8

Researchers who’ve studied 120 video clips from media coverage of criminal trials have revealed that around 40 percent of liars gesticulate widely. Their hand movements are wide and swift.

10. Their smile has the key   11-foolproof-ways-to-find-out-if-people-are-lying-to-you-9

Is someone smiling forcefully? Observe it. Smile conveys what they want to say.

11. Your gut is almost always right   11-foolproof-ways-to-find-out-if-people-are-lying-to-you-10

The gut cells are very much similar to the brain cells but they are less likely to get confused. So trust your gut. What is your gut feeling about the other person? It might probably br true.

It takes a little practice to observe and hone your skills in finding a liar. All the best.
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