11 Instances Of Great Luck That Make You Say "Holy Shit"!

11 Instances Of Great Luck That Make You Say “Holy Shit”!

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So, what makes you lucky? Do you believe you are a lucky person?

If you think bagging a date with your recent crush makes you lucky, then you can’t be more wrong. While everybody gets lucky in one thing or the other, great luck is bestowed only on few people. To understand that you need to see these 11 GIFs.

In a few moments, you will be awestruck. Be ready to say ‘Holy shit!’.

1. When this team of explorers who just missed this massive avalanche.   11-gifs-prove-how-luck-can-change-your-life-in-an-instant-0

2. When this photographer who will now have a crazy story to share with his grandchildren.   11-gifs-prove-how-luck-can-change-your-life-in-an-instant-1

3. Sure this woman will now think twice before she enters a skiing site   11-gifs-prove-how-luck-can-change-your-life-in-an-instant-2

4. When this driver who saw death this close   11-gifs-prove-how-luck-can-change-your-life-in-an-instant-3

5 When this guy who got lucky and managed to get his work done in one go   11-gifs-prove-how-luck-can-change-your-life-in-an-instant-4

6. This looks straight out of a movie but not.   11-gifs-prove-how-luck-can-change-your-life-in-an-instant-5

7. And this guy couldn’t believe his luck!   11-gifs-prove-how-luck-can-change-your-life-in-an-instant-6

8. When this guy who was so engrossed, he did not even realize that he just cheated death  11-gifs-prove-how-luck-can-change-your-life-in-an-instant-7

9. When this guy who just happened to have his guardian angel close by   11-gifs-prove-how-luck-can-change-your-life-in-an-instant-8

10. When this man who cheated death multiple times in less than a minute   11-gifs-prove-how-luck-can-change-your-life-in-an-instant-9

11. When this guy who received a surprise gift by Katrina Kaif   11-gifs-prove-how-luck-can-change-your-life-in-an-instant-10

This guy walks in to buy his special one a new LYF and guess what!! Standing there is none other than his favourite actress to hand it over! Goes on to make his special day more memorable, doesn’t it?

Which one made you scream and jump out of your chair? I guess the 10th one is haunting. Isn’t it?
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