13 Crazy Wi-Fi Names You Haven't Heard Before

13 Crazy Wi-Fi Names You Haven’t Heard Before

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Who said a Wi-Fi name should sound like a name? Some people below have gone beyond any known limits to name their Wi-Fi’s. Check for yourselves.

Obsessed???   crazy-insane-wifi-names-0

Oops!   crazy-insane-wifi-names-1

Is That a Weapon?   crazy-insane-wifi-names-2

You Can Make a Burger Too   crazy-insane-wifi-names-3

What a Homage!   crazy-insane-wifi-names-4

Can You Try?   crazy-insane-wifi-names-5

Who Loves More?   crazy-insane-wifi-names-6

You Should be Concerned   crazy-insane-wifi-names-7

Thats Impolite   crazy-insane-wifi-names-8

He Warned You! Mind it.   crazy-insane-wifi-names-9

Be a Messenger   crazy-insane-wifi-names-10

Are you ready?   crazy-insane-wifi-names-11

You are being watched   crazy-insane-wifi-names-12

Thats lot of bills   crazy-insane-wifi-names-13

Got your own crazy wifi names? Post them here.

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