15 Creepy Items Found At Garage Sales That Make Your Heartbeat Skyrocket

15 Creepy Items Found At Garage Sales That Make Your Heartbeat Skyrocket

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Garage sales are only to kill time. Either you find the items are useless or outright cursed.

Below are 15 creepy items people found at garage sales which look like cursed items from the medieval witches to make your life a nightmare.

Hold your heart.

1. You’ll always come out a head!   15-creepy-items-found-at-garage-sales-0

2. Longing for death   15-creepy-items-found-at-garage-sales-1

3. Somebody was stranded on a desert and made a wife out of this piece of wood   15-creepy-items-found-at-garage-sales-2

4. Make your home feel like a toilet at airports   15-creepy-items-found-at-garage-sales-3

5. Too fragile and too creepy   15-creepy-items-found-at-garage-sales-4

6. Hope Pinocchio doesn’t become a real boy   15-creepy-items-found-at-garage-sales-5

7. OMG Cact-eye!   15-creepy-items-found-at-garage-sales-6

8. Don’t sit and save your ass   15-creepy-items-found-at-garage-sales-7

9. Share the family’s misery…   15-creepy-items-found-at-garage-sales-8

10. It’s already racist   15-creepy-items-found-at-garage-sales-9

11. Somebody wants to see the world burn   15-creepy-items-found-at-garage-sales-10

12. Cute or scary?   15-creepy-items-found-at-garage-sales-11

13. The scary pumpkinman   15-creepy-items-found-at-garage-sales-12

14. This cup looks like it enjoys being used…a little too much   15-creepy-items-found-at-garage-sales-13

15. Well, at least you know that no one’s taking a cookie from this jar   15-creepy-items-found-at-garage-sales-14

Are you still here?

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